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~30 hour friend (Part 4)

It was a very tough month for the college students ,everything was going haywire . You wont realize it other times but circumstances makes you understand that summer and tension is very bad combination. So there was nothing much of a outdoor activity between 11 am to 6 pm. We were engineers we can live without food and taking a bath for a unimaginable time , but like other things in this universe are finite our threshold for keep going on like a maniac also had some limits . That evening my friend came and he told that we are going to have a dinner outside in a hotel , I was always up for this kind of sudden plans ,eventually I told yes . After 1 hour me and my friend went to pickup Jason , and as always Jason was late . I was waiting inside the car browsing through facebook memes then out of no where I received a text in my messenger . That time was a very popular stuff bigger than whatsapp . I didnot recognized the person who it was . Then I saw it was a girl . "A GIRL!!!!!" my mind just went haywire , in this last 20 years the only girl I have texted with was my schoolmates , no one else but it was not from my school , It was an alien contact for me . Yeah I know readers you think how much pathetic is /was this guy but trust me that time I was a very pathetic kind of guy some essence of that self of mine is still there I can feel it but while I am typing this looking outside to the busy city that I live in now I realize that we cant make our past decide our future and truth n=be told no one cares not even the person you care for or the people who care for you . However , I didnot recognzied the person but it had one criteria thats all needed by me : its a she ...so go chat you fucking idiot my heart and mind both screamed at me . I made myself comfortable in the very luxurious back seat of the car and opened the chat like my life was depending on it . So here it goes :

She : Placed ?

Me: No , but it does not bother me

I was like "What the fuck did I just wrote ? she never fucking asked me ... then why ? I slapped myself in my own mind .

She: Why ?

Me: cause we can only try but the result is not upon in our hand .

She : Maybe right

Me: I am always right about this stuffs

I wrote jokingly

She : I guess I cant get a job from this college I am like I am tired.

Me: Me too but we all have to try

She: Hmm

"Hmm" is like a more polite version of " Talk to you later " I think you people know. That time I didnot realized that but I did something that all the guys do ... guess what? I checked out the profile & she was pretty and no I didnot had a instant crush . There is a difference between admiration and having a crush . However I forgot about the whole thing when I saw the Biriyani on my plate but somewhere I had a feeling I sensed something was coming but I did not realize It was a tsunami which will change my whole life in a good and bad both manner .


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