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~30 hour friend (P2)

Hour 1-2: Really that day we were hungry but at the end ... we are guys and we were almost desperate that times .Those days I was a guy who never was aimless , ambition-less & always lacking for inspiration for doing something , I needed something to kick start my life .

It's not like we did not have one but it was not enough for me , we were at the last year of our college and most of my fellow college buddies had a job in their hands but I did not .... It was not like I did not wanted one but I refused to join in the mass panic of those who did not have that time . I knew I was capable of getting one day and I did thanks to my college and god but it came late and I am happy with it . That's why that time I used to hate to interact with new people cause if those people were not yet had a job they will cry like a baby and they did , nothing was wrong with that but it was the negativity they had , I wanted to keep distance from that because my mind set was started to be leaking day by day and I wanted to think less about it because I was scared to look at that that is why I was always silent and angry . In the contrary Jason was the son of a very rich father so he did not had to worry that much and Abhijeet he had so many backlogs .... he knew he wont get a job this year so he was like us ... I guess that was the most common thing and the reason we became friends because today when I am writing this we are not the same people anymore ... we do not know about whats going on in each others life and I guess it is some what my fault .... So now coming back to the story in hand ....

So after we reached the restaurant we found that our table was fortunately vacant , I gave a sigh of relief and I looked towards Jason , He was smiling .... but It was not the reason I thought he was smiling about , because no one waves at the table right its weird ... So I looked into the direction he was looking at and I found the cause there were two ladies sitting beside our fav spot they were waving at Jason and what I know about Jason he is ever rude to a girl ... call it a good courtesy or just hormone effect he was good with our opposite gender , he was famous for some of his actions that I dont wanna say here cz then it wont be a PG 13 blog anymore . The girl sitting on the right wa giving a fake smile you can saw that from miles away but the girl sitting on the left had something different - you dont see that kind of enthusiasm these days, she was waving like a fish waving its tail . I knew Jason was famous among our opposite gender so I didnt bother to ask him why . The girl on the right told us " Hey u guys join us !!!!!" ... and she looked she was serious about it ...yup as I told you before we were somewhat desperate so .....fuck our favourite spot we joined them . Now again I am a guy who was brought up to be the Yudisthir of Mahabharata , I was taught never look at a girl in any other way than your older or younger sister because In my school days I was the youngest chap in my section .... so If i had a crush on someone it was not possible to tell them and getting a yes ... It was not even a dream . So I always had an issue talking with ladies that time so yes we joined but for me ... I had no freaking idea what to talk about after that and I was hungry so i did not had any intention to talk with whomever sitting in front me ... I dont care if they were also Miss universe . So moving on we started talking and after some courtesy and after they noticed one of the participant is silent they introduced themselves to me ...... The left one waas Priya and the right one was Diya . like their name rhymes they were best buddies in college .... Priya was placed in a highly reputed MNC but Diya was still to find one .... just like us , yes people we found another one . Priya was always had her guard up she knew where to talk and where not to ... she knew to let the person in front of her know if she likes him or her not but Diya was opposite she was like water ... you put water in any surface and it will take its shape and she was god at it I could have told it in our fiest meeting . Diya told with a sad voice " Every one has a job I do not ....I would never get one " Priya replied "no ... darling you will get yours its matter of time " ... Jason also supported her " Yeah look at me !! I still dont have and this guy also ... isnt it Ayan ? " . Every body looked at me but what can you expect from a socially awkward and a hungry guy... I told in a awkward voice " Yeah !!! We will get and if you donot no worries ... You will get married hahaha " Yup that was me sounding like a jerk with a meatball in his mouth . Everybody got silent and me too after I got a pinch from Jason... after some time we bid our good byes and we went on our own ways ...but it was just the start of something I didnot forsee .


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