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~30 hour friend


It was a hot scorching summer of Bhubaneswar , these days people tend to sit in their house rather than going out in weekends . but Jason and me , Ayan had other plans .Just one hour before Jason & Abhijeet had a fight about who will use the scooty . Jason , Abhijeet and me are the best mates in out college . Jason and Abhijeet had lot of differences but at the end of the day I think the scooty was the factor that made them friends . They had some kind of love for that innocent two wheeler that I cannot explain . However I am always the middle person in their quarrel sometime it took hours or sometime days to mend their friendship again .

After having a such a day we hopped on the scooter and went for some lunch .'Its crowded today " Jason told while scouting the restaurant from outside . "Yeah we should rush " I told from the back seat . Moments after we parked and ran for the table hoping we wont find any ... we entered and we saw only one table is vacant . We looked at ourselves and left a sigh of relief .... but suddenly the people sitting next to that table started waving at us . And from here starts the very fast hour of a new chapter of my life.


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