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~30 hour friend(P3)

Before my final year in my college I was a guy who only loved facts ...but sometimes things happen in your life that changes your perspective about everything . Some incidents will just hit you in your face but some of them will take time to shrink in ...the later on is more effective I guess you can relate with me . However , today I am going to tell you a incident that I guess was the premonition of something big coming ...while I was not able to see that that time because I was busy with all placements . Yeah I know previously I told I do not care ... but at the end I am a mere human but I was a young blood that time so It became a thing of self respect , if you have went through my line of career you will have faced the same issue ... At the time of placement our college did not felt to restrain pouring money on the recruiters . They knew there are some diamonds in the cluster of soil , but unlike diamond miners they cant get rid of the soil because here our college was running by the soil not the diamonds . So they had to look cool , sophisticated in front of the recruiters , because they knew and deep inside we , the students also knew the truth that they are not the best so it was a combined effort from us an the college to give a job to us . However , I still remember the day , outside it was scorching hot and the hall , one of the show off from the college was more hot then outside. You could see always sweating faces , eyebags , tear soaked cheeks sitting around the hall . Despite of this things they all have a smile on there faces , the face with a shread of hope still left in them , human is a very interesting character they can live happily with only one thing to cling on , It can be a delusional fact of touching the moon or it can be realistic as to feed their dog at the night , and when they think they have nothing to live for they will perish ,history is my witness here . So however I reached there took a seat and waited for the drive to start . I was looking for some familiar faces and guess what I found one , few seat before me . It was Diya , crying covering her face , I felt bad I have seen her always laughing but now she was crying so as a responsible citizen I went to comfort her ... I asked :

Me: Hey , why are you crying ?

Diya: I cant do it anymore ..(Sobbing sounds)

Me: What you cant ?

Diya : This job , I am too bad for this ...

Me: Maybe , but what are you gonna do about it ?

Diya : What do you mean ?

Me: Do you think crying in the front seat will place you in some big company ?

She remained silent. I continued

" You know something ... when you will get a job someday all this things crying , banging head will all be just a embarrassing memory for you ... So do you wanna live with such kind of memory res of your life .... and for your information no one cares about you except yourself no body else .... not ur lover , not ur parents no one .... think about this .... and I promise u if u think of the world like I told u ... you will feel less pain .. you cannot escape the occurrence but we can definitely deal with it ... isnt it ?"

Then something cracked in me I start doing what all our ancestors did when they were single .... yeah I flirted but it was harmless ... ok ?

I continued " And whats the point of crying .... you do not want to make your pretty face tp look like a pile of mud do you ..,? "

I facepalmed myself virtually ... that was bad I know ...but she laughed " You are funny she told "

I smirked and left after something they called my name ...unfortunately I did not get the job but somewhere I had this satisfaction in my mind I made somebodies day ... I was kinda " half - dissapointed " my room mate came that day at the evening he asked " So ... where is our sister-in -law? "

I got surprised not because of what he was talking about I got surprised how he came to knew ... turns out he was there right beside at me and I never saw him ...... but why ?


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