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Reality(Part 5)

"After the event of the airport it has been 3 years .... Aarman was a well established person.In the last of couple of years he devoted his life to improve as a human , these days he only pushesd himself towards his dream , to live a normal life like other people . In his 25 years of life he has done many wrongs ... he is always embarrassed about some of them like any other people , but the difference between him & any other folk is unlike others the faults he have made in his life , It ate himself from inside everyday . He tried to move on or by other's words "Getting Mature", but he failed every time . Every time it haunted him , always became an obstacle in his path towards excellency . So he tried something insane .... he tried to correct those mistakes he had made in his life time .

It sounds simple but not insane right ... what if I tell you he wanted to correct them when it happend , means at the exact date , exact time , exact year . You may see this as a bunch of bullshit but I have seen what he was working on ... he failed many times ... but never lost hope ...as his best friend he shared his thoughts to me many times ... He told me why he was going for the impossible & also told me that he may face some trouble while undergoing the thing he is gonna do . So today I am sending this mail to you ... because he told to contact you if some trouble happens . So whats it gonna be ? are u coming to help our friend... he , me and our whole family is counting on you "

-Arijit Roy .

Mahesh folded down the letter in his hand and kept on the table in front of him . It has been long 10 years he has talked with his childhood best friend . Mahesh & Aarman were classmates for their whole school life . They were inseparable , they used to go play in the field at every evening .. Aarman was always the lazy type ... but Mahesh was a hard working chap . Mahesh was so talented that he has the ability to write without seeing what he was writing , had photographic memory was a ace football player . He was always the idol of Aarman . Aarman always wanted to be like his friend .... but he was never jealous of his friend .. he respected Mahesh .

After their school ended they still maintained contact .... but there goes a saying "Out of sight , out of mind " . They lost contact eventually . After 10 years it is the first time Mahesh got any news of his friend , but it was not what he expected . He gave a thought about this and sent Arijit he is gonna help them . but how ?



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