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"Its raining .... How will I reach ?" The guy told in a worried voice who were sitting beside Aarman in the cab . It was a humid day in Bangalore , more than hot it was in general . The face of the sky was getting dark from noon but he had a plane to catch . Aarman is now a working professional in a big IT city for 2 years now . After he left his college for the job his life changed ,college buddies promised each other they will be stay in touch but very few people were able to keep it maybe because of their new life ahead or maybe some not wanted to anymore . 2 years of professional life taught him many things , being strong was one of them , that's why when he took the decision to go to Lucknow again for his friend .... he remained strong . After a long tedious journey in a cab with whining co passengers when he reached at the airport ... he gave a sigh of relief . He checked in the airport and found a suitable place to sit while waiting for his departure time . Aarman always had a self doubt for the thing what he is going to do . He was like a chick going to fly for the first time out of his nest . He was nervous but that feeling was getting overwhelmed by the excitement of meeting his old college buddies , little he knew then that this journey to his second home will be a turning point into his life . The flight landed a bit late due to unclear weather at Lucknow Airport . He turned on his phone and saw missed calls from Jaspreet , Aarman called back ...

after some rings Jaspreet picked up the phone "Hey Dude ... you reached ?"

Aarman : "Yeah ... can u give me the address?"

Jaspreet sent him the address.

Aarman : Ok meet you there .

Jaspreet : Ok .... but one more thing ...

Aarman : What ?

Jaspreet : She will be there .

Aarman : I am going for Aankur's birthday not to meet her .... so its ok .

Jaspreet: Okay dude . See u there .

Aarman ended the call , though he told his friend it is okay but it was not .He felt the uncomfortable feeling growing inside of him . "She " and he had long parted their ways very long ago but it was first time after they left each other... So tension was there but he knew he can handle it or at least he thought so ....

It was 8 pm he reached to the function hall , wearing a black suit which he took from his roommate. He entered the room an got surprised by the royality of the hall. It had a chandelier , paintings were hanging from the wall ... they were so realistic that they were seeing through your soul.

While enjoying the Chicken Pakoda Aarman was roaming around the hall then he felt a hand on his shoulder .... He turned back and it was the birthday boy itself Aankur ... they met after 2 years it was a merry sight for both of the college dudes ... they hugged each other out and did the "bro fist" ."You two started the party without me" ... says Jaspreet from Aankur's behind . "Who told you come late " ....."Duty calls !! " Jaspreet told as his excuse . "Where is Anushka btw" Aarman asked . "She is there searching for what to eat " ... Jaspreet told while pointing her girlfriend . "Hey Anu..... This way "Jaspreet called Anushka who just picked up some chicken from the waiter . "Hey boys ! long time no see " Anushka came and hugged Aarman . "Lets talk outside .. what say " Aarman asked others . "I will join after 5 minutes I have guests to attend to " Aankur told ."Ok we are at balcony" Jaspreet told and trio went to the balcony .The scenary was beautiful outside , night clear sky with not a single shred of cloud on it .... moon shining and giving night like a fluorescent night lamp , the city was looking beautiful under the light of moon . Far away some festivals were going on , It was looking like the city is welcoming its old habitants with diya in its hand .. like a mother welcoming there children at home after a long time , this scenary can make anybody speechless .. thats what happened with Aarman he was looking to the scenery like a baby looking towards the light . "Hey Aarman " Anushka called ... Aarman shrugged the trans off and told "yes ... tell " with a smile on his face . "So what have u been upto ... ? " Anushka asked ."Nothing just like Jaspreet grinding my ass in IT ... "

Anushka : O... but why are u so irritated about your job ..

Aarman : because I am fulfilling there dreams not mine ..

Anushka : Is that so .. Then whats your dream ...?

"Probably to become the richest person in the world" Jaspreet joined the conversation .

Aarman: No ... Just to be free of worry at the end of life .

Jaspreet: That requires money

Aarman: And people you care ... If you don't have anyone at the end then what is the meaning of money..

Jaspreet :Thats also a point .

"So what ... you guys are giving life lessons to each other again ?"Aankur asked with a glass in his hand & joined them in the balcony .

Aarman: No just letting each other know future plans what about you ? You have made a fortune here ... !

Aankur : Vogus ! You seeing this people ... they are here just to make business not for my wish or welfare.

Jaspreet: What you think ? you will get marriage proposals ?

Anushka : Maybe ... Our boy is single for so much time .

Aankur: Hopeless.... BTW Dinner is ready ... have fun I have to see the guests again .

Aankur left to greet his new guests . "Lets have dinner Anu ... Hey ! you wanna join Aarman ?"

Aarman declined " I just came so will join you later " ... He remained at the balcony ,he wanted to enjoy the sight in front of him ." So how is job going? " Somebody told from back ... Aarman didn't have to turn back because knew who the person was ,he was ready mentally but practically he can never be ... but he was strong .

"Job is fine ... How are you ?" Aarman asked .

Stranger : I am fine ... When you came ?

Aarman : Evening ... Aankur insisted to come or else I would not .

Stranger: O really ?

Aarman : But you know it is not the truth .

Stranger : Hmm

Aarman : So ... anybody new ?

Stranger : No ...

Aarman : Things are ok right ?

Stranger : Yeah .... Lets go inside ... its getting cold .

The person started walking towards the hall .

Aarman : Wait ! Dorthy ....

Dorthy stopped in her way ... and said "What ?"

Aarman : It was nice meeting you after a long time

He offered his hand for a handshake ... one last time to her

"Pleasure is mine " ..she replied and they shook hand ... they knew they are not gonna see each other maybe never . So it was a peace maker for Aarman. Thats why he came this much distance and he got to hear what he longed for last 2 year .

At the end of the party everybody knew this maybe the last time they are seeing each other in real life . In this 21 st century distance is not a matter .. social network keeps people close .. but it made people long to each other personally . Humans are meant for this ... to never settle.

At the end the gang came together for the last time ... everyone became a bit heavy hearted ..They didn't knew when the next time they will see each other . They promised each other they will be in touch though it will be hard to keep . Today there college life officially ended ... they are grown man and woman now .

Aarman had a flight on morning so he went to the airport a bit early ... he checked in and he entered the waiting lounge ... and he saw a familiar face opposite to him and he freezed by looking at the man sitting opposite to him ... the man came close and whispered something in his ear and left and gave him a note......



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