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It was a nice evening in lucknow , a nice breeze was blowing across the city . The city was an unusually quite that day ,it was a peaceful evening with a cold breeze blowing across the city ... the city was calm as it is getting ready for a very big storm . While the city is getting ready for a storm ... many citizens of the city has already dealing with a storm like this two colege guys.

"Wait in the auto ... I am going to find that loser" Aankur told while rushing out of the auto . "Bro ... come fast or the restaurant will get closed its 9:00 pm already " Arman told to Aankur directing towards his watch ... "Yeah yeah ! I will kick his ass .... Jaspreet I'm coming for you" Aankur gave the warcry and went to fight an endless fight with Jaspreet to make him come with them for the Saturday night dinner . Jaspreet , Aankur and Aarman are very good friends and college mates , they banter together , quarrel with each other but especially Aankur and Jaspreet they fight everyday for everything like : Aarman's fan , Jaspreet's scooter and many more thing . They were a gang of four , fourth one is Jaspreet's girlfriend Anushka . Today's fight topic between the two "Titans " were why Anushka got the chance to ride Jaspreet's scooty but not Aankur . They quarreled for the whole afternoon then Jaspreet told " Fuck off ! My bike my rules ... I am taking it . " .Jaspreet's way of winning any fight was emotional blackmail and Aankur's was the cunning brain of his . Titans were equal in power ,One had a heart of a lion another one had the cunning of a fox .Aankur told "Ok ... but do u have ur keys ?"& started running .Jaspreet checked and found every other key except the scooters key ! . "U fuckn Rascal ! "Jaspreet ran towards fleeing Aankur , after playing cat and mouse for 5 minutes Aankur returned the key and Jaspreet left the hostel in a angrily manner .

Arman was the bridge between them ... they fought and they will come and complain about each other in turns to him . it will be so wrong if you think Arman as the most matured one instead of that he was the most confused one and the silent one . every gang has a person like this in their fold & Arman was neither happy nor sad doing this . He liked solving others problems more than his own because he was scared of his issues .... he always turned his back towards his darkness , he doesn't have the courage to face his issues . He had sky high ambitions but not able to reach any one of them .... he was losing the fight with himself which he was fighting for 20 years now ... he was running from it ,there was no helping hand for him like a lone crusader he fought his crusade .

While sitting inside the auto for 10 mins and waiting for their fight to end he unlocked his phone and saw a text in his phone . He recognized the sender and it was his friend Dorthy .Dorthy was a very intelligent girl in their college , she was a "perfect square" metaphorically but she had a hard luck getting a job . So she was a bit disturbed and wanted to share her feelings with someone , one day accidentally both met each other in campus placement and became friends .

She wrote: U placed ?

Aarman: no... but i am not letting it to be a pressure & please stop crying .

Dorthy : Dude all my friends are placed i am onlyone left & how u know I am crying.

Aarman: Are u happy or sad because of them ? & I just guessed . ..

Dorthy : I am happy for them .... but nobody is there here for me .

Aarman: It depends upon your perspective ... u can use it various ways .... to improve yourself or to destroy yourself ... its upon u now .

Dorthy : Hmm ... ur right dude ... and I have stopped crying ... dont worry about me.

Aarman : Good to hear !!! good night then

Dorthy : Good night .

"Hey dude we reached ... what r u thinking ?" Aankur gave a slight push on Aarman's hand . Aarman get out of somekind of trance ..told "yeah ! I know ... lets go".

After the dinner both came out of the restaurant Aankur went to look for an auto keeping his friend waiting .

"Hey Kid ..." somebody exclaimed from the back .... Aarman looked at the back and freezed to his very core . the man came and whispered something in his ear and dissappeared in the dark .

After some days of that incident Aarman fulfilled one of his dreams ... he got a job , he was very happy .Dorthy became a very good friend of his.

It was one of the last days of his college ... after that incident with the stranger ... he is always thinking what that man told him ."Ok here goes !! " He picked up his phone and texted Dorthy .

Arman : hey D ... I wanna say u something .

Dorthy : yeah sure tell

Arman: : I wanna say that I ......

It was a nice morning in Sikkim ... birds chirping ... It was 6 am in the morning .The cook of Roy mansion came to serve the breakfast . "Mr. Roy ... breakfast is re.. " He knocked at the door but the door was unlocked . He entered and he wasn't able to find his master....



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