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"Ouch!!! this hurts mom" The child almost started crying holding his swelling right thumb while his mother trying to put some lotion on it. "Hold still " his mom told with a serious & fearful voice to him . The victim here is a enthusiastically devotee towards football . Despite of having an entrance exam of maths which he hated most he still went to play the favorite game of his life .

He has gone to play many times before the exams , he always does this to relieve his stress what he gets everyday while running the rat race .When he goes to the ground he lives the field ... he feels every grass when his feet touches them , at least that's what he thought . When he stands to the goal with his gloves on he thinks himself as Casillas of his playground , maybe their skills are way apart but he likes to think himself as the hero of his own story . He always thought himself as the one man hero , as the person who will save the day ,but this time something wrong happened when a wild shot came at him out of nowhere and he was not ready for it When the ball touched his out of position hand it made his finger bent to the side on which any finger is not supposed to bend . After some moments he realized the pain in his recently thrusted finger , it was terrifying ...it was like somebody has ripped his finger off , the kid has never felt this type of pain before .His friends asked him if they can help by any sort ."No guyz I will be fine ... u go " . After 1 hr sitting in the football field the kid started to walk towards home where is father is waiting for him maybe with a stick .

"Hey Uncle ... can u give me a ride ?" the boy asked to a man riding towards the road which leads towards his home . The man hesitantly looked at his hand and asked about his hand "Is it hurting so much ?" The kid said yes with a calm but trembling voice . "Listen! go to the doctor before u go home it looks like its gonna swell up " .The kid replied with a very big "NOO!!my dad will kill me". "No he won't...." the man replied with a calm voice "He will try to sooth your pain ".

The kid: Uncle you dont know my father.

The man : But I know mine . fathers are all same some are rude some are good but they love you with all his heart .

The Kid: Yeah my mom also tells that !

The Man : Then why dont you listen to h....?

The Kid : Uncle ... what happened?

The Man : Yeah that's your place and Your mother is waiting with a stick .

The kid got down from the carriage and said with a trembling voice

" Oops !! We are doomed .... "

The Man:No you r doomed for now ... I had my turn before .

The kid stopped himself in the way of his speech and said " Wait what ? "

He turned around but there was no one to give his reply .



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