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Reality(Part 1)

So... Mr Roy Sorry for your loss " David came and offered a handshake to the newly mother less man . Mr.Roy shook David's hand and that was a courtesy not a handshake , both were able to feel that . After all the guests left Mr.Roy wasn't able to hold it in anymore ,he screamed his lungs out with a scream . If anybody was passing beside the house that time that person doesn't have to come inside to know how was he feeling. But maybe unfortunately there was no one passing that time ... Nobody is passing his house for a while now ... He has been stranded from the society for a while now ...Father died 5 years back ... Wife left with the kids because of his ambitions , only one who was there for him was his mom...she left today . He was feeling alone for the first time in years. Or was he ? Mr Roy remembered lonliness was his only feeling since he can remember. All this years he tried to escape that feeling but now he is tired . Mr Roy poured a glass of water and sat on the chair in front of his balcony . His throat is in pain ..he drank the water and kept the glass to the table beside of him . He looked out of the balcony & saw the sun giving his last rays before going to sleep for the day ... Moon can also be seen today in the clear deep blue sky . The pine trees in front of him moved there heads when a cool breeze decided to play a tune by the rustling sound of the leaves while a old guy was standing there staring at him with a smile on his face ... For some reason Mr.Roy thought he has seen him before ..but he was not able to recognize." Whatever ... who cares ".suddenly it became dark ..sun went for sleep for the day . Mr Roy started to go down memory lane how Dorthy liked to draw the scenary of the evenings, how children used to play in the big courtyard ... How his mom used to sing old folk songs at evening . This happy memories used to give him happiness before ... But now they only give him a bone chilling scare . The feelings he was running from ...atlast caught him . He felt scared , scared of lonliness ..he realised he is alone in his big palace ... Not a single person is there with whom he will share a drink and will talk for five minutes ... " I'm so tired right now .... Let's go to sleep " Mr.Roy told to himself . In his professional life of a buisness man of 15 years he got to know one thing " Time is money " . So he went to sleep while setting up alarm on 6 am . But today he wasn't able to sleep ...his mind was not at peace today ...how can it be ...from today he has no one left to call as his family ... everything was falling part ... But a person who is death scared to something also fall asleep when he becomes tired . Mr.Roy did same ...drifted away in sleep ... But when he woke up he realised something is wrong .... Contd ...


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